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Pittsburgh > Gymkhana Gymnastics at Point Breeze

Gymkhana Gymnastics at Point Breeze

7501 Penn Avenue, Point Breeze Pittsburgh PA 15208 Phone: (412) 247-4800

Birthday Parties at Gymkhana Gymnastics

Unparalleled Gymnastics Fun!

Tumble, swing and trampoline into one of the best party ideas: a Gymnastic Jamboree!

Gymkhana’s professional instructors create an exciting way to experience gymnastic instruction as well as unique and challenging group activities using our gymnastics equipment, parachute and fabulously fun obstacle course.

Our party is designed for boys and girls 3 through 16 years old with no more than 30 children.


 Call us at 412-247-4800

7501 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15208




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